How did we get our first whippet


How did we get our first whippet!
I personally don´t believe in fate, but how we came to know Nandine z Úplňku alias Easy, fate was. It all began when Jana Křečková - today the owner of a breeding station (kennel) Sunny Funny - asked my mother to drive her to collect newly purchased puppy-girl (Sunny) and mother being a whole-hearted person helped her. Coincidentally there was a last puppy left (sister of Sunny) that the owner didn´t give to people who came for it, he wasn´t sure they would be kind to the puppy. Mother fell for the puppy immediately because she loves dogs that emanate
an energy. And so Easy became a part of our family. I really don´t believe in fate, but if Jana wouldn´t ask my mother for help, if mom wouldn´t be so whole-hearted , if Easy would be given to the family that was supposed to have her, we wouldn´t have such a noble breed that is full of life. With wippets you can do everything from racing, coursing to agility, dogdancing to canistherapy.
English poet George Gordon Byron said : "A dog is defined by beauty without vanity, by strenght without cruelty and by human virtues without human faults."With whippets this is significant even more!
Dear friends,
if you are now browsing our website, I would like to wish you on behalf of my family a nice experience.

                                                                                                           Niky Veselská



Designation and logo MANITA PATITA!


MANITA PATITA is comprised of my childrens name syllables.
Ma - Matouš, Ni - Nikola, Ta - Natálka. Also, in spanish both words are diminutives, Manita of a hand and Patita of a paw.

,,Pes se vyznačuje krásou bez ješitnosti, silou bez krutosti a lidskými ctnostmi bez lidských vad.‘‘   G .G. Byron

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